From its beginnings the UW-Madison Retirement Association has supported and encouraged volunteering on campus and in our community.

Since 2002, the UWRA has partnered with Midvale School.  A number of Association members have provided a variety of volunteer services in its classrooms and library, as well as making financial contributions. 

The Association revitalized the Volunteering Committee in 2009, with the purpose of encouraging and supporting volunteering among our membership.


Our mission is to encourage and support volunteering among our membership

We promote volunteering through the following:

  • Providing information about volunteer opportunities in The Sifter.
  • Identifying and promoting opportunities through coordination with campus and community agencies such as the Morgridge Center for Public Service, the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, the United Way of Dane County, Madison and Dane County Schools, and RSVP (the Retired Senior Volunteer Program).
  • Working with campus leaders to develop a plan to identify and promote volunteer opportunities on campus.
  • Overseeing the UWRA School Partnership program with Midvale school.

Join the Badger Volunteers
Interested in Volunteering at Discovery?

Campus volunteer opportunities through the Morgridge Center for Public Service and the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.
Sifter Article, Fall, 2011, pages 5 and 7

Support our Public Schools
How to get connected to volunteer opportunities, make charitable contributions
Sifter Article, November, 2011, page 3

Campus Volunteer Activities
Volunteering Committee, November 15, 2011

Reaching Out
How to get connected to community and school volunteer opportunities 
Sifter article, Fall 2010, page 1

The Gift of Volunteering 
Why and how to volunteer in our community
Sifter Article, Fall, 2009, page 5

Useful URL’s for getting connected to volunteer opportunities