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The Committee on Financial Matters in Retirement has identified a real need for the association to assist its members in effectively organizing and documenting relevant information affecting personal, financial, legal, and health care matters.

The task force* set up to study this need has produced a manual, known as the Living Ledger: A Compilation of Vital Personal Information. The document serves as another choice to record and maintain vital personal information electronically. It is the task force’s hope and belief that UWRA members and their families will find the Living Ledger an essential and effective instrument to manage their legal, financial, health care and fraud prevention affairs.

*The Living Ledger Task Force Committee:

Printed copies of Living Ledger are no longer available. Members of the UW-Madison Retirement Association may request an electronic copy by e-mailing the office at retireassn@mailplus.wisc.edu. As described on the Membership page, those who do not qualify for regular membership in UWRA may become associate members and receive the same benefits as regular members.