Members are encouraged to participate in the activities and committees of the Association.

Programs focus on:

  • financial workshops
  • pre- and post-retirement planning
  • healthy living in retirement
  • connecting with friends and former colleagues
  • a host of other programs including
    • day trips to historical, educational, or other interesting sites
    • challenges in retirement
    • current technology issues

Luncheons include morning programs of interest and luncheon speakers, and provide opportunities to socialize with other Association members. Monthly breakfasts also provide informal opportunities for socializing.

The Sifter is the association's newsletter designed to provide an ongoing information source about association programs, activities and related matters. Published 10 times per year (September through June), it is mailed to current members either electronically or through the Postal Service.

For more information, see the UWRA Calendar or the The Sifter pages.

Ready to join? Simply fill out the membership application form and send it in along with your payment.